Winter wildlife tour 9th February

As forecast a dry, sunny  but windy day. A request for eagles and otters, this in mind we set of well wrapped up against the cold. First stop of the day, lovely views across the snow covered mountains and a blue sea. Common gulls, curlew, oystercatcher and widgeon. Looking behind a white tailed eagle flying high. It dropped down to the trees to give us a good view. More eagles over the hill, too far to be sure of which they were. Lots of geese around, greylag and canada. Slow drive to our next stop.not because of the traffic, we only saw a few cars. We just wanted to look for wildlife on the way. Cuppa and two buzzards sitting on a mound, had me fooled at first, thought they were the backs of eagles. Red deer and white tailed eagles, and a female hen harrier. Into the hills to look for golden eagles, very windy and cold. Only a distant eagle, very few birds flying. thnk they were on the less windy side. Heading down, a dipper in the river, two otters in the river at the end of the estuary. red shank and oyster catchers displaying. Time was going quickly, heading on the home stretch an otter appeared, busy fishing. Female hen harrier and more lovely buzzards.  A very large bird appeared in front of us as we were driving. I pulled in to watch the white tailed eagle, it was joined by another as it went higher in the sky. another flew very low to the side of us. What a brilliant view of them. they soon gained height and disappeared from view. Still hoping for a better view of golden eagles we stopped for a hot chocolate and cake, lovely light as the sun started to drop. Barnacle geese looking like dots on the island across from us. They were suddenly in the air as two white tailed eagles put them up. a common seal swam by to see what we were doing, maybe fancied some choc cake. Loosing the light we headed back,hoping the last stop to see golden eagles. slight delay as we watched two more otters fishing just off the coast. we left them to carry on as we were on the mission for the eagles. Last stop, beautiful sky, very clear. Then they came, two golden eagles over the top of the hill. they kept flying behind and back teasing us. red deer in the last drop of sun. then the eagles gave us one last fly. Great end to a lovely day. Jacqui