What a difference a day makes

The day was completely different to yesterday very wet and quite cold. Tobermory pickup so we set of with great anticipation and the call for an otter. First stop was the big bay near where I live at Aros. Eider ducks, greylag geese and goslings, red breasted merganser and distant common seals. good start in the rain. The nesting white tailed eagles were no where to be seen. there were some very close common seals swimming by. great northern diver, ringed plover, common terns and common gulls. a male hen harrier made an appearance, lovely. Moving on and red deer close by. still pouring so we headed to look for otters. Our usual spot was quiet so we made our way around the bay. I spotted one at distance but nothing as we got closer. heading on and still no sign. Undeterred we retraced our steps as the bridge is still closed. another brief glimpse in the bay. we made our way to get a better view and determined i managed to find him after 10 minutes of scanning. going by experience we moved along and it paid off. he came close to shore and we all got lovely views of him. Phew. Another quick view of a male hen harrier and redshank. And still the rain came down. Time almost gone so we had a couple of stops left. 1st stop and the rain eased enough for the short eared owls to fly. they landed giving us chance to look through the telescopes. gorgeous. A very close red deer on the way, paused for photographs. As the rain had eased we returned to the white tailed eagle nest site. they were there one on the nest and the other in the tree. Our total of  39 birds  perfect end to a wet but lovely day. Jacqui