Wednesday 23rd May

Well, sun sun sun. Lovely day today and very warm. I did wonder if the heat would put the wildlife off and make them shelter but no, loads to see. We started with an otter well off shore and hard to see as it was fishing. common gull, pied wagtail and terns set us off. Time for a cuppa and our next stop red deer on the hill and in the river cooling off, a brief hen harrier and buzzards. A close willow warbler singing in the bush behind us. Into the hills to look for eagles and a golden eagle sitting on top of the hill. We watched as it few and returned to its spot. A brief hen harrier quite high. Our next eagle stop and one on the nest, we just kept seeing the head as it moved around. Then the other came in and sat on the rock close by. we watched the changeover and saw the female preening on the rock. nearby feeling a bit itchy after sitting in a smelly nest. Otters , mum and cub while we had our lunch.we watched as they enjoyed the sunshine and fished for their lunch. A steady drive and a check of the bay gave us 2 more otters. they came out on the islands and rolled around on separate rocks. lovely. Eagles over the hill top and again cuckoos calling everwhere. White tailed eagle on the nest. buzzards over the hill and distant golden eagles. We watched for a while but the thought of home made cake and a cuppa tea pulled us. we headed on the home run. Our last stop. two white tailed eagles on the islands, another otter, seals and more eagles over the hill. a male hen harrier being mobbed by a raven and buzzard. a pretty good stop. We also had treats of stone chat female hen harrier, lots of red deer great northern divers, skylarks and a golden plover. A very good day out. Jacqui