Wedding tour

An unusual but very speciel day today. I took a private tour for a wedding day. The wedding was at Tobermory on the platform over the waterfall. The sun shone and the two close friends of the bride and groom had no idea they were getting married or they would be witnesses. All went smoothly. once the ceremony was over we headed off to do a wildlife tour. White tailed eagles were requested and we saw them. Our first two in a tree, close by and great to see the details with the telescope on them. Our next was also very close, it flew across in front of us and dropped to get some prey. Sadly behind the hill. but we did see it lifting and dropping back down. Golden eagles next flying in the sun gorgeous. And a buzzard feeding young on its nest. Champagne and cake after a lunch which included salmon sandwiches. Time pressing so we made our way back. with a stop yo look at a white tailed eagle nest. one adult in the tree and the other flew from the nest. Lots of other wildlife seen today including red deer, common sandpiper, snipe, red breasted merganser and lots of geese and goslings. A special day indeed. Jacqui