Tuesday 9th August

Eagle day today, Our boot and bus tour walk took us into a lovely glen. Quiet for wildlife on the way out, the views were gorgeous with the light on the mountains. Red deer silhouetted on the hill top and ravens flying high. almost back to the bus a small flock of goldcrest. the tinkling call  amongst the trees. looking up a white tailed eagle flew over showing its 8 ft wingspan. ruling the sky. I had an idea where the eagle was headed and there it was in a tree with its mate. I am sure the chick would be near them but we were at too big a distance to find it. Eider ducks and gannets swimming past while we enjoyed a cuppa and ginger biscuits. Common seals, curlew, red breasted merganser and goosander were among the wide range of wildlife we saw along the loch shore. Heading on and a brief golden eagle over the hill. a teaser as it kept disappearing from view. Next eagle was a white tailed sea eagle in a tree, close enough to get a good view. Looking for hen harrier as we headed for the hills, lots of buzzards on our route and a stone chat. Our mountain stop and no chick today. I think it may have finally headed off, a good day to leave home. we scanned the hills and there was a golden eagle sitting on the hill top. it flew and the other joined it. I had hoped for three it would have been nice to see the chick with them. A kestrel over our head flew over to the hill top and landed on a small mound. This showed the huge difference of the sizes between the two birds. On the way back and a male and female hen harrier, red deer and more common seals. Last stop with common gulls, eider ducks, common tern, gannets, common seals, and a last bit of geology.