Tuesday 2nd August

Our first tour of August and a white tailed eagle day. Our first was close to home, as we drove onto the side of the loch the geese lifted and a a white tailed eagle went right through the flock. very fast and low. Two more flying high over the hills. we kept watching and they eventually came nearer and one dropped to collect a fish. great view of it flying across the shore. as we decided to wait a while we had a cuppa and another white tailed eagle dropped in for a fish. A steady drive and lovely views, the weather started to close in but it just enhanced the islands and mountains. Lunch and another white tailed eagle. must have fancied the sandwiches. A brief sight of a hen harrier then into the mountains, would the golden eagle chick still be in the nest? yes. hard to see at first as the clouds descended. when we did see it it was tucked in and keeping dry. Patience paid off and the chick sat up and stretched its wings. Heading back slowly and a stop to check a known place for hen harrier. There was one on a post, close by another bird. as we watched it flew over the hen harrier and we saw birds. the second one was a marsh harrier very unusual for Mull. Its a bird I saw regularly at Leighton Moss where  previously worked. what a treat. Herons busy fishing, sand martins still in and out of the sandy nests, wheatear, whimbrel, common gull, common seals, ringed plover and red deer were just a few of the other wildlife seen today. Jacqui