Tuesday 23rd August

What a lovely day today, the forecast gave rain and it stayed dry all day. Well nearly all day. We enjoyed seeing lots of common seals, common gulls, greater black backed gulls and curlew at our first couple of stops. One of my regular white tailed eagle stops, no eagle but lots of stone chats. I really like stone chats as they sit up on the tops of grasses and bushes making it easy to see them. heading off past the rabbit warren to our next stop. bunnies sitting around in the grass. Red deer and a bonus of an osprey sitting on a fence. my treat for the day. Heading to the hills with more buzzards on the way. Golden eagle flying over the mountains. Off to look for otters and one spotted off the shore, busy fishing. Heading on and several female goosander feeding on the loch. Red breasted merganser and eider ducks,Red deer hind and calf close to the road, all lovely to see.P1090538 Last stop as we headed back, an otter on the shore. It was joined by another as they entertained us for some time. It looked like mother and well grown cub. mum left to fish and the cub kept disappearing under the seaweed. it popped up to eat its fish then under again. Two hopeful hooded crows watched on for scraps. P1090535