Tuesday 18th October

Lovely day after the rain passed by. I went to Tobermory to collect our guests for the day. the sky was lovely and the light n the sea stunning. Our first stop and just as I was scanning the sea one of my guests said there is an otter. Lovely, very close to shore and busy fishing. great start. Collecting Mike on route, good to have him with us. He took a rare day off from gardening  to come out and look for wildlife. Our day continued with common seals, hen harrier, ringed plover, curlew and big flocks of thrushes.White tailed eagle in a tree. A lovely stag sitting in the sun. Heading for the mountains and lunch with sunshine and showers and red deer roaring in the distance, ravens and buzzards. No golden eagles so we carried on to the loch shores. Stopping to look for white tailed eagles, it took some time with heavy rain showers restricting the view. two sitting in the tree. With the telescope on them we could see their beady eyes. Looking across the sea and the islands, the shafts of sunlight hitting the water. Our next treat has to be the best for me. Two golden eagles over the cliffs, fantastic display as they tucked wings in and dived. clearly enjoying the wind and better weather. re affirming their lifetime bond. More seals lounging around on the rocks,with an Atlantic grey seal coming close to take a look at us. great northern diver and little grebe to finish our day. p1100928 p1100932 p1100934