Thursday May 4th

Warm and windy, the weather that is. Hard to believe it was cold and snowy last week. Boot and bus tour today. A good day with Golden eagles, hen harrier male and female, red deer and white tailed eagles. in fact we saw 5 together over the hills. First stop as we pulled up a white tailed eagle flew past us. just enough time for all to see. A tree pipit was displaying when we went on our walk today. so lovely to watch as he flew up calling then dropping like a parachute to a branch. The puddles on the track are drying up, with tadpoles and common newts in them. really glad we rescued some of the tadpoles. The trees were alive with calling birds. lots of willow warblers and cuckoo in the woodland. red deer in the hills. did I mention it was warm! lunch stop while we looked for otters, all quiet so we moved further on when we had finished. A shout from behind of otter. we watched a mum and two cubs playing and moving along the shore. we lost them so we moved on to find a turning place. we found them again on the way back. as we watched a couple of walkers came down the road and stopped to watch. sadly they went forward and stood up on the headland to see the otters. The otters saw them so moved off out of sight. We did see the otters later across the bay. Was a good day which ended with hen harriers flying both male and female. In the sun!         Tree pipit, otters mum and two cubs close in. 5 white tails over hills, golden eagle