Thursday 27th July

So very wet and windy this morning. we struggled to find anything first stop. the shower passed and the seals were on the islands,common gulls, eider ducks and terns. Standing stones and geology. not a bad stop. We decided to head for the loch to look for otters. no luck until we got round the end of the loch. We spotted one on the shore ahead. As only a  couple of us saw it we decided to carry on as he had moved round the headland. no sign whatsoever. must have gone for a sleep. White tailed eagle flying as the weather was starting to clear. Ravens and buzzards while we had lunch. Still no more otters. Checking the big bay and one spotted across the other side. we got the telescope on it and had a good long time to watch as he ate his fish. Into the hills and looking at flowers, sundew an insect eating plant. No eagles here. Cuppa stop and eagle country still. Red deer and a buzzard. we were just about to leave when a golden eagle appeared. It gave a good show and started displaying. it went behind the hill and another smaller appeared. this was the female. absolutely lovely in the sun. Last stop and a hen harrier on a wall, we saw it fly. clearly a young one as its mother appeared showing it how to fly with elegance. The chick landed in the grass so we got a good look at it. we watched as the adult hunted.buzzards and red deer made an appearance. A great end to our day. Jacqui