Thursday 21st June

Longest day,  and a boot and bus tour today. Cool wind and cloudy to start. We decided to do the walk in the afternoon. A run up Loch na keal and two white tailed eagles on the islands. they flew to take a fish from Mull charters so we were in the right place right time. they flew off and after a while a white tailed eagle came over us carrying something. I have just checked my photo and it looks very much like a dogfish. a small shark. Our walk was lovely at Loch Ba and in the sunshine. Highlights of the walk were for me the redstart flitting in the trees, tree pipit and a mixed group of small birds included siskin, redpoll, blue tit and chaffinch. A couple of brief eagle flights over the hill and distant red deer. The walk was so lovely with gorgeous scenery. Lovely flowers including sundew. newts in the pond and gentle woodland. A final cuppa and cake, sadly we had just missed a sleeping otter. it was disturbed by someone getting too close and it vanished. lots of seals, common and one Atlantic grey seal. Swimming and lolling around on the rocks. Very enjoyable day. Jacqui