Thursday 17th May

A beautiful sunny day with a lovely breeze. The spring flowers are all coming out now with Primroses everywhere, bluebells just showing colour and the spring green of the leaves is such a fresh colour. Cuckoos calling everywhere. We started our day with common gull, great northern diver and common seals. A bit quiet at our next stop then the warblers started up. lovely song from willow warbler and chiff chaff. A song thrush repeated its melody. Into the hills, red deer on the skyline, and a real treat of a food pass from the male hen harrier to his female. a distant golden eagle. At the golden eagle eerie no sign of the one on the nest. Patience paid off as we watched the eagle flying across the hill top. Off for lunch and looking for otters. None seen but again warblers in the trees behind and great norther divers. A steady drive to look at the white tailed eagle nest. keeping low today. Again waiting paid off as the male came in to drop food in the nest. really good to see and we watched him circle . Through the hills and sand martins at the side of the road trying to nest. in and out of their tiny holes. Still no otters so we carried on for a cuppa. two white tailed eagles on the islands. Time running away with us so we headed for home. on the way we checked the end island and there was a big fur ball. the otter woke and moved then we saw the other with it. After dropping my Craignure guests off we returned to Salen. Taking a quick stop at Craignure golf course. golden plover, ringed plover added to our waders of the day. The one of my guests said otter and it ran across in front of us and off to the islands. just as we were getting in the bus a white tailed eagle flew across in front of us. such a shame my other guests missed this. typical. We had a great day for wildlife with lots to see. Jacqui