Thursday 17th January

Our usual afternoon out and a different direction today. We did a steady drive to Croggan as the weather was gorgeous.

Great northen divers on the way and a possible red throated but too far away to be certain. Mistle thrush and buzzards everwhere.

We parked up and walked to the point. On the walk there was an otter swimming across to the other side of the water. A white tailed eagle on a branch of a dead tree across from us. At the point a great northern diver came in fairly close.

The day was getting on so we turned back. Very few little birds in the woodland today. We watched an otter as we were almost back at the car, quite possibly the same one. 

The reflections on the water were fantastic. mirror calm and snow on the hills.

Almost at the end of Loch Spelve when we both stared at the sea, unsure what was causing the ripples. then what a treat 4 bottlenose dolphins coming towards us. We watched in the fading light. the photographs arnt brilliant but a good record and a special treat for us.