Thursday 16th June

Our day began with a white tailed eagle in a tree and chick in the nest. not a bad start to the day. On route to loch na keal we took a short walk to see a pond hoping to see the newts that had been there a few days before. Nothing there the pond was completely dry. We have had very little rain over a number of weeks. I am sure the newts will have wandered into the mosses which are still quite wet.  Lots of little birds flitting around us but very hard to see what they were. we did see a couple of goldcrest which obligingly came into view. It was a cool day with lots of cloud and we did struggle to see the golden eagles flying. brief views. The otter was lovely to see and we did get a better look at him as he woke and rolled around. The flowers are really beautiful with the roadside verges covered in grasses, orchids and foxgloves. Our last stop was to watch a white tailed eagle flying over the nest and landing for us.    Jacqui P1080111P1080112