Sunday April 9th

Well the forecast was for rain early then sunny, It was correct just out by a few hours. Super spotters on board, young Daniel was very good at spotting birds and finding them in the telescope. We started our day looking at a white tailed sea eagle on a nest, ringed plover,common seals,eider ducks, and great northern divers. Coffee stop and a golden eagle on a nest. good views of the other flying and and changing over. lovely. On our way towards Gribun rocks and a shout from the back, eagle. we stopped to look at the shore line and couldn’t see anything at first. geese on the shore but no eagle. then a juvenile flew into the same area and the other flew up. We watched for some time as they flew up together and sat on the shore several times. what a great experience Our day continued but the weather came in cold and wet. This didnt stop us having a great view of a white tailed eagle carrying some prey and landing on a rock, another flew with it and a golden eagle kept a close eye. Other highlights, stonechat, red deer, peregrine, kestrel. Our last stop,the sun came out and a white tailed eagle on a nest a lovely male hen harrier finishes a very good day.