Sunday 3rd July

Well it was an interesting day. The weather was definitely working against us in the morning. Our first hour was a short walk, a natural pond was full of common newts, pond skaters and leeches. The photograph below shows a leech and newt tugging either end of a worm. We watched for the golden eagle to no avail and the otters proved elusive. Undeterred we enjoyed a hot drink and biscuits while watching the fantastic changing sky and buzzards flying. We had children on board giving us an excuse to go and look for crabs under the seaweed. hot soup was welcome on this cold summers day. The boys enjoyed an energetic game of jumping the ditch. A change in the weather in the afternoon and a golden eagle perched then flying. its incredible how fast they can fly across the mountains with hardly a wingbeat. The chick looked busy at the edge of the nest. we saw its back for a long time then it turned. Great to see how well its growing. Hen harriers followed both male and female and red deer in the hills. Our day finished with wonderful close views of white tailed eagles. One of the best things for us today is the expression of the children when they saw the eagles. particularly the white tailed as they were so close. Jacqui and Mike P1080583P1080589