Sunday, 22nd January

Day off today, We decided to leave the jobs and go look for wildlife. Heading of on our usual route. First stop we saw a white tailed eagle,one of this years chicks. sitting on a headland. Great Northern divers and teal. Quick stop near Craignure and another white tailed eagle. just off shore on an island. the ferry went passed and it flew, giving us a good view of its huge wings and white tail. lunch stop, red deer, chattering starlings, and a common seal. the weather started to clear so we headed for the hills. Gorgeous scenery, hills with pockets of lifting cloud. We took a short walk away from the road and discovered a lovely little waterfall.  The weather was so still. A rarity here giving us lovely reflections. Making our way slowly back to Salen. we saw white tailed eagles. sitting above their old nest site. chattering to each other. On our way back to catch the sunset. it was gorgeous. We stopped for a cuppa on the Lochside and watched an otter in the distance. Almost dark at 5.00pm the days are getting longer.  Jacqui