Sunday 19th June

Fathers day and a good day with Mulls otters and eagles. We headed off hoping to beat the rain and first stop was the golden eagles nest, we could see the chick moving around and had a brief view of an adult flying. The white tailed eagle flew behind us and a very cheeky wheatear wandered close to us. We continued around our route, and a highlight for me was the red throated diver, in its summer plumage. Next stop and we saw an otter fishing off shore. The weather started to close in with showers getting more frequent. this didnt stop the white tailed eagle flying close and another otter swimming close to shore. We followed at a distance and were treated to a good display of the otter rolling around and yawning. It was pouring down and the otter was clearly enjoying its shower. Even in the rain we had a great day. Jacqui and Mike P1080186