Sunday 12 June

Well what a day, private tour today with a lovely group of super spotters. We started well with lots to see in Aros bay including a white tailed eagle flying ¬†over the trees and common seals lounging around on the rocks. Next stop had a golden eagle sat on a rock looking majestic overseeing its territory, looking to the nest we saw the juvenile flexing its wings, this little white head appearing from behind the branches. lovely. A distant white tailed eagle sat high in a tree then flying, mobbed by buzzards showing the size of this huge bird. Moving on and an otter is spotted at the end of a rocky spit of land, as we watched it another came out to eat an eel. This is great we thought, then yet another appeared, very pale in colour due to being dry. must have been having a good long nap. We enjoyed watching them for half an hour or so, until they all moved off. not a bad start to our day. A rare treat of young curlews running around the bracken, with a lapwing and a snipe went up into the sky and dropped back down. The day continued with hen harrier, another golden eagle chick, whinchat, golden plover in fact we saw 50 different birds ending with a white tailed eagle. I think they were enjoying the cooler weather. 356A7658