Sunday 10th July

Different tour today, I collected my guests from Tobermory, Some of them were from a cruise ship which meant time was limited as they had to be back. With this in mind we didnt do the usual circular tour. Heading out in the very warm rain we saw some good wildlife. There were lots of eider ducks, loads of geese  Canada and greylag, rabbits, common seals, curlew, chiff chaff, gannets, terns, wheatear. Oh and the white tailed eagle chick flying out of the nest and back was a  treat for everyone. It was  a special moment for me as I have been watching the chic from when it hatched. No luck with golden eagle and otter. visibility was very poor and time was short. We still enjoyed seeing black guillemots, red breasted merganser, shell ducks and young meadow pipit, swallow, sand martin,snipe. Tales of fairies and lovely misty mountains made it a lovely day. Home and the tennis. perfect. Jacqui