September highlights

And there were many,

September has been a a mixed month for weather. Storms, rainbows, sunshine and stars. Brilliant wildlife lots to see. Otters, eagles, hen harrier, red deer and lots of flocks of small birds such as twite, siskin, redpol, linnets are moving around. Lots of stonechat sitting up on bracken fronds.

We have been following two Otter families, seeing them regularly over the weeks.  wonderful to watch mum and her cubs going about their business.

The summer visitors have now moved on. Suddenly the wheatear and common sandpiper have gone. The swallows and martins took longer. Waiting for the wind to blow from the North to help them on their way south.


Our winter visitors are finally arriving, Divers, ducks,waders all coming in from their breeding grounds. Thrushes also appearing feeding on the berries. White tailed eagles tumbling as they display.

Our garden feeders are full of chaffinch, siskin and many other small birds. rock doves in the garden waiting to feed.

Red deer are just starting to roar, the rut has begun. Its brilliant to watch these magnificent beasts strutting around.

The weather has been interesting, moody skies and wild winds giving us waterfalls going upward.


Heading into autumn, with the colour’s looking gorgeous. Lots of Hazel nuts on the bushes.


Not forgetting young spike, our rescued hedgehog. he is doing very well and putting enough weight on to keep him safe over the winter. 

A great month. As we move into October we look forward to more brilliant wildlife.