Saturday 3rd September

Unusual for me to take a tour on a Saturday but it was a very special day for two of my guests. It was their Golden Wedding and I was delighted to share it with them. Otters and champagne with a stunning view. The forecast had said cloud and some rain. it was wet when we set of but improved and we had a great tour. Highlights, well we did have a very good sight of a white tailed eagle on an island. then joined by another. we saw one of them fly, then the other followed. Golden eagles over the hills, three of them. i like to think it was the parents and chick we have been watching all summer. Red throated divers, little grebe and teal were just some of the returning birds from their summer breeding grounds. Of course the 5 otters have to be mentioned. I love the way people help. the postman gave us the tip off that an otter was around the corner. two lovely ladies also gave us the heads up on the otters. Our first was feeding off the shore and came onto land to eat. Number two was also feeding, it swam around some rocks out of sight. Two more together swimming past and our last when we were almost back. a lovely Mull day. P1090732