Rain didn`t stop play

19th May It started wet, got wetter then horizontal rain with intermittent showers. we wondered what the day would bring as visibility was poor. Not to be deterred our first stop gave us an otter fishing, great spot by one of our guests.  we watched the otter catch a big crab and take it onto a rock to eat. Common terns close by chattering to each other and a gannet flying by. A small flock of 10 dunlin landed close by with a common seal keeping an eye on us. Our day continued with fantastic waterfalls and to give us two more otters, one fishing close to shore with a great northern diver and an Atlantic grey seal close by. the other was fast asleep on seaweed. Our final stop and the hope of the weather lifting so we could see the white tailed eagles fly. As the rain came down we kept hopeful with home made cake and tea. we watched some redpoll feeding on a close path and swallows scooting over the grass. Then our patience paid off, the clouds lifted and both male and female white tailed eagles appeared flying towards us in perfect formation looking like two planes coming over the trees. they turned and landed on a small hill for us to get a great view of them sitting. great end to our day. Jacqui