One of my favorite months. still lots of tourists about and the Rally is back this year. 

There is pleanty of wildlife around. The thrushes have arrived and stripping the berries especially the Rowan. Just as well we have loads.

Red wing, Fieldfare , Mistle and song thrush in big flocks. More Blackbirds and Robins around.

Pinkfooted Geese in large Skeins overhead. More Graylag and Canadian geese adding to our resident ones.

The Sparrowhawk is a regular visitor to our garden. Often dissapointed as the feeders are quieter at the moment. We think is because of the amount of natural food around. 

The Mull rally ran again this year. Its a great attraction for Mull. Its a noisy weekend at it tends to coincide with the Deer rutt.

Engines and Stags roaring around us. Brilliant.

October weather has made up for September. Its been really glorious. 

Dark stary nights and sunny days. 

Lovely wildlife and Autumn colours. What a place to live