November is a really good month for wildlife and weather,

Mull is very quiet now as the visitors are few in numbers. We are out all day and only see a few cars. It gives us chance to relx and enjoy some walks and just sitting watching the wildlife.

November weather has been mainly dry and cold. Clear frosty nights with thousands of stars. Tours are still running but not so many this time of year. Mike and I are catching up on some winter jobs. We do manage to head off most days to spend a relaxing time watching the wildlife. 

We never tire of watching Otters, its brilliant to see them getting on with their daily lives as we dip into part of their day. We are always careful not to disturb them and we are treated to mums with cubs, otters fishing and rolling around on the seaweed.

Eagles are out hunting with shorter daylight hours. We have had some very close Golden eagles over us. looking beautiful in the sunlight. 

Lots of young White tailed and Golden eagles around. Great to see the White tailed sea Eagles huting on the shore for food. They still do a lot of sitting around and watching the world go by. 

Red deer are down from the hills. Some stags have broken antlers from the rut, calves are growing and hinds are relaxing. 

The stags are hanging around in groups looking fabulous with big antlers. 

Lots of other wildlife, Barnacle, Canada and Greylag geese in good numbers. Great Northern divers , red and black throated divers, widgeon,and teal are some of our winter visitors. There is a Kingfisher near Grass point. A rare treat for us. Stone chat and rock pipits still with us and small waders such as ringed plover and greenshank seen regulary.

Our garden birds have been less for a while. Our Autumn has been great for berries and seeds. Its great to know they will go for natural food first. 

Lots of winter thrushes around stripping the Rowan trees and hawthorn berries. 

Mixed flocks of birds with Blue tits, tree creeper, Goldcrest and long tailed tits. Little moments of delight. 


Autumn colours have been really special this year, with the sunshine highlighting the golden leaves. 

Sunsets and sunrises, well what can I say. Just wonderful golden skies.