Mull bird club grand day out

Sunday the 17th March, A day to remember. The Mull bird club has regular field meetings and this one was to be an Eagle day. It was also the BTO bird watchers conference weekend in Oban so it was decided to join forces for the day.

It was a very popular day with about 40 people taking part. A very big thank you to all that assisted with transport helping to make the day run smoothly. We split into 2 groups with some heading North with Pam and Arthur brown of Discover Mull. Our group of 4 cars and a minibus headed into Glen More.

Always a good start when the sun is shining, a breeze although cool is good for Eagles to fly.

First stop and a white tailed eagle on the nest also one at the back in a tree. We waited around to see if it flew. It did very briefly.

The day continued to be very successful with waders, Hen harrier and otters. On our route we saw at least 10 White tailed eagles, some on the nest and others flying. Golden eagles 9, including one on a rock above the nest sight.

Arthur and Pam`s route was also fruitful for both Golden and white tailed eagles, They also managed to see a Barn owl in a tree.