Monday 8th August

Great start to our day today as our¬†morning gave us an otter hard to see at the first sighting but it did run on the rocks briefly. a lovely group of red shank with oyster catchers and curlew. Golden eagle up over the hills and white tailed eagle in the trees. Common seals and juvenile black guillemot,eider ducks with young were also some of our highlights today, gannets diving very close to the road, fantastic. We took shelter in the woods from the wind. then headed off to see what else was out there. Golden eagle flying and chick on the nest, Its fledged but still staying close to home.the adult landed and we put the telescope on. great view of it sitting watching us watching it. Our day ended with a white tailed eagle in a tree, one of the chicks flew and gave us a lovely if a bit wobbly flight. The adult also flew, a good end to a lovely day. Jacqui P1090192