Monday 28th May

Hot Hot Hot, Sunny all day today and had to use the air con for heat not to demist the windows. It was of of the quieter days today for wildlife. some special highlights though as we did see some lovely birds. A Male hen harrier brilliantly spotted by one of my guests. then a female came up and they flew together for a while. Golden and white tailed eagles over the hills. baby birds everywhere. Red deer on the hills silhouetted against the sky. Willow warblers calling everywhere just seeing them was the hard part. Golden eagle on the rock near the eerie. We then saw them changeover. Otters were elusive but we did find one on the islands on our way back. fast asleep. He did wake up and had a wander to prove he was real. Lots of skylarks singing and cuckoo calling. With fantastic views and did I mention the sun? it was a good day. Jacqui