Monday 11th July

Baby, baby, baby. Babys everywhere today. Red deer calves, golden eagle chick being very vocal and peaking out of its nest, what a fantastic sight. White tailed eagle chick again shouting and flexing its wings. Young birds everywhere, wheatear, curlew, common sandpiper and pied wagtail. One very small common seal being nuzzled by its mum. and the baby Labrador puppies an ohhh moment. All sorts to see on our tour. Good day, we enjoyed watching a lot of wildlife, red deer were on show especially the one that walked across the road in front of us. Female ? hen harriers x 4,all together. I would think they were a family as the juvenile hen harrier are marked similar to adult females. A ¬†male hen harrier briefly and a golden eagle flew over and a possible short eared owl. An otter made an appearance fishing off shore. while the guests watched I was distracted as a cyclist asked for directions. When I turned back they had also seen a white tailed eagle fly over. We ended our day with two golden eagles flying. Jacqui P1080701