Monday 11th February

A very lovely day today, sunshine all morning after a frosty night.

Our first stop was great as we checked a known White tailed eagle nest site. They were both there and gathering sticks. really good views of them in the tree. We watched for a while then they flew off behind the trees!

A brief stop to look at the red deer in the fields. then seals further up the road and a golden eagle over the hill.

Through Glen more, gorgeous with the reflections on the lochs. Golden eagle on the hill top sitting.

Down for lunch and a lovely view over the sea loch. curlew, teal, widgeon and little grebe.

Lots of otters today, 6 in total. lovely mum and cub, they came out in front of us. lovely seeing them rolling around.

Just a little stretch, Yawn.

Stone chats displaying and hen harrier in a couple of places. Red deer all over the hills.

Our day ended with a dipper in the river and lots of fallow deer in the distance then another 6/7 in the woods closer.

Great day with lovely views,