356A0204-001LUNCH BREAK

20th December Last Wednesday while sitting in the van eating my lunch parked some 300ft above the sea with great views over both sea and the cliffs opposite I spotted two white tailed eagles flying towards me. As they  came overhead they were joined by two more white tails and all four spent the next five minutes giving me a great flying display as they played in the wind above the cliffs behind me. Anyway back to my sandwiches (I’d nearly run out of chewing time) no sooner had I started eating again when I spotted movement on the clifftop opposite. On closer inspection with the binoculars it turned out to be a male and female hen harrier hunting the bracken clad slopes. By now it was time to start work again and as I  walked up the hill a pair of golden eagles put in a brief appearance high up in the now darkening sky. Not a bad lunch break. The young otter in the photo was spotted by Tim one of our guests on the tour on Saturday feeding in very rough conditions on loch scridain. mike