Lazy Sunday Afternoon 18th October Today was one of those days that make all  the hard work and very long hours that we’ve put in all worth while and you know the decision to move here was the right one. A day off and a walk along the coast at Croggan in glorious autumn sunshine with great views of otter, porpoise, great northern diver, snipe and golden plover to name a few (check out our facebook page for all the photo’s) While having lunch enjoying the spectacular scenery we watched two otters fishing close by, eventually one of them caught a larger fish and brought it on shore to eat about 15 metres from us. It’s a real treat to watch a wild creature undisturbed in its own environment and something we should all try and do. Just a note about the great photo of the snipe that Jacqui took I very nearly had to write its obituary. The snipe ran across the road so close to the minibus that it nearly had “ford” imprinted in the back of its head, thankfully it showed its appreciation of my driving skills by posing for photo’s. mike.IMG_9775