Into Winter

November started off so warm, and it feels wrong with flowers coming out in the garden and hedgehogs out feeding at night. There was even a swallow seen on the 11th.

We are starting to see lots of thrushes, redwing, mistle and song. We haven’t seen any fieldfare as yet. There was an abundance of Rowen berries this Autumn so they thrushes are working their way round Mull stripping them

The great northern divers are gaining numbers and we are also seeing lots of geese, including the barnacle geese.

Mike and I saw a little egret today and we even saw a little Auk a couple of weeks ago.

Today the 26th we have a severe weather warning, its suddenly gone cold and very windy. now its feeling like it should do.

We are regularly seeing otters, eagles and the red deer.  The Otters seem to come on shore more to eat and there are less people around now so we do see them more often. The young White tailed eagles are around a lot, we often see them around the shore line hunting for food. 

The Red deer are now settled with their herd and can be seen low down from the hills. 

Golden Eagles take the advantage of the dry weather and the winds, its very special seeing them up above the mountains with their golden heads highlighted in the sun. They will be starting to check out nest sites soon. 

I love this time of year with the stormy weather and the amazing light. the air is so clear and the wildlife is busy looking for food. 

The garden feeders are full of hungry birds, Chaffinch, chaffinch and more chaffinch. Winter visitors include brambling, green finch, siskin, blue, great and long tailed tits. 

The pond in the garden is quiet with lots of snails and still flowering plants. We have seen an occasional newt but I am sure they are hibernating now the weather is colder.

We have the red deer in the filed by our garden with tawny and barn owl about at night.