Friday July 1st

It was an Oban trip this morning for Mike and I. As its been a while since I have been off island it was lovely to be on the sea. And a good feeling knowing  we would be coming back home to Mull. As shopping is not a job we enjoy we were soon on our way back. The trip was lovely with a calm sea. lots of birds,  Manx Sherewater skimming the waves, Gannets, guilimots and kittywake all feeding frantically. We didnt manage to see any porpoise or dolphins. As we were home early Mike had the call of the wild, a rising tide with running fish was too much to ignore. Off we went on to loch na keal. Mike with fishing rod, me with Camera and Binoculars. Lovely and peaceful watching the waves, then I saw splashing. I instantly knew it had to be dolphins as there are no rocks for waves to hit. Mikes camera was safely in the van!! He dashed of to get it while I did my best with my bridge camera. what a lovely sight, they do make you smile. Needless to say Mike didnt see a fish after that. P1080557P1080542