Friday 8th July

Today was a great day for buzzards and eagles. We watched two adult white tail eagles in a tree with two chicks flexing their wings. Our next stop and another pair of white tailed eagles. looking through the telescope we cold see their beady eyes. wonderful. The day then gave us a female hen harrier and two red deer stags looking fine with new antlers. Up in the hills and a male hen harrier. we stayed to watch and had a huge treat of a golden eagle flying overhead being mobbed by three male hen harriers. Golden eagle chick in its nest popping its head up and down. All before lunch. Slow drive looking for an otter, nothing despite a quiet sea. Then one was spotted. it came out in front of us on the rocks then slipped into the water and swam off. we followed at distance. I shows how important is is to keep quiet and  low. As we hid the otter came within a few feet of us. What a fantastic experience. As the otter moved away we left it fishing. Last stop of the day, and golden eagle flying seemed to be a perfect end to our day. Jacqui P1080670-001