Friday 30h December, winter wildlife tour

Warm and very windy today, 12 degrees and heavy drizzle this morning. Our first otter was a brief glimpse as we passed on the main road. nowhere to stop so we carried on. Otter number 2 was very busy fishing in a bumpy sea. Great northern diver, common gull, turnstone and ringed plover. not bad for our first stop. Our day continued with two female hen harriers hunting in the rain and red deer in the hills. Following lunch the weather started to improve, still very windy but dry. Curlew, teal, goosander and our next two otters. what a sight, one of our guests spotted some splashing at the edge of the sea. Two otters were fighting, rolling around and the noise! screeching. The smaller otter ran off chased by the larger dog otter. they ran across the rocks and separated. staying fairly close together they rolled around as if cleaning themselves. It was hard to tell if this was to do with mating or the larger otter was seeing off a younger otter. I have some video footage to sent to the Mull otter group for comment, not the best quality as the visibility wasn’t great. On the way back, coffee, cakes and another two otters, they looked like two well grown cubs. they headed out of sight for asleep. Shortly after another otter went into the same area. We assume this was mum but not certain, it could have been one of the cubs heading out and back. Last stop and a male golden eye duck  and another great northern diver.