Friday 29th September

Great day today, helped by my side kick Alan. The morning gave us a good mix of waders including bar tailed godwit, red and green shank. Picking Alan up on route we headed for our days tour. Morning gave us great views of at least 30 mistle thrushes they were stripping some rowen trees. Red deer, 9 in all with 2 of them young stags. Hen harrier male gave us a good display as he hunted over the fields. Later in the morning a female hen harrier and a brief view of a white tailed sea eagle clearly feeding on something. It went down in a gully and we lost sight. how a metre high bird can vanish so easily I will never know. Lunch stop, no otters yet so we carried on. Two white tailed eagles in the trees, lovely. Heading for home and two otters , mum and cub. We watched them fishing, coming on shore to eat and rolling around. lovely. Jacqui and Alan