Friday 22 July

Short tour today and the pressure was on to find the big 5 plus common seals!!! We headed off to look for the white tailed eagle and nest. There it was on the top of the tree with two chicks trying their wings in the nest. 1 down 4 to go. Lots of activity on the sea with gannets diving and common seals on rocks and swimming, Eider ducks, ringed plover, oyster catchers, greylag geese, greater black backed gulls, artic and common terns. We headed for the hills, stopping on the way to check for hen harrier. Lovely female flying quite close as we stopped giving everyone a great view. 3 to go. There were some distant red deer in the hills another of the 5. Number 4 was in the shape of a golden eagle chick and one of its parents, the chick was cheeping away sticking its head out of the nest brilliant. Heading back and a stop for a cuppa, red deer again and a short eared owl, lovely. Last chance for an otter, I am sure there was one hiding watching us but the last of the 5 eluded us. ah well it was still a very good morning. Jacqui