Friday 21st June

Another good week of tours. Again mixed weather and cold at times.

The Eagles are very busy feeding growing chicks. The first a white tailed eagles are getting close to fledging.

The wild flowers are looking very lovely at the moment, Lots of orchids. the rain is helping and giving us lovely waterfalls.

The stags are growing new antlers and the hinds are out on their own with new calves.

Highlights, red throated diver, spotted flycatcher. The young golden eagle and hen harriers. Lovey otter sightings this week.

Friday, The longest day, saw us on Ardnamurchan. a private tour. Lots of wildlife to see were common terns while we were on the ferry and distant white tailed eagles. At Sanna bay, a lovely heron gorgeous green sea and two dunlin, ringed plover and lots of wildflowers. Lunch at the lighthouse where we watched a big group of manx shearwater. great skua and white tailed eagles. Some of the largest orchids I have seen. Red deer everywhere.

Common tern
Ringed plover