1st May An interesting week starting with last Sundays tour where in bright but cool conditions we were in Glen More looking for eagles with Karen and Margaret who were staying at Dungallen. While we waited we watched pond skaters skimming over the surface of a small stream and tried to locate a frog who was croaking away in the sunshine close by. We failed on the frog and also failed on the eagle ( perhaps because we were all staring at the ground!) but we did find an eagle later on the tour. Friends Pat and Dave came to stay on Tuesday for a few days to make a video about the wildlife tours for us, stay in the caravan we said (the cottage was full) its lovely and warm here. On Thursday heavy snow and cold winds greeted them as they opened the curtains, but they stuck it out and did some great work for the website. Goldfinch, siskins, thrush, blackbird, rock dove, woodpecker and redpoll are just a few of the visitor’s to the Dungallen garden this week, and a close encounter with a red deer over the fence when I let Misty the dog out last night. mike.356A7066