Enjoying Mull,

How can we not enjoy Mull, dispite a very wet July.

Mike has made good use of his weather gauge this month, as I type it`s pouring down.

Saying that we have had some sunshine and things are really growing in the garden. The sparrows have trimmed the tops of the peas and broad beans so look very untidy but still growing. Blackcurrants galore, I have just made some syrup and its lovely. We have also lots of elderflower cordial in the freezer.

Our self catering cottages are full now until nearly the end of November. Its so lovely welcoming everyone back. We did wonder a few months ago if this time would come this year. Hopefully it will continue.

We have had a lovely week with family which included the big boys going fishing. They had a great day and we had Mackerel for tea. Some beaches visited and a bit of rock pooling. 

Although we are still not running the tours we are getting out and about seeing lots of wildlife including the juvenile White Tailed Sea Eagles trying wings on the edge of the nests. Golden eagles have been great to see with the weather being a bit windy they have been flying low.

Lovely views of otters as well and of hen harrier. Lots of Red deer and Fallow deer around.

We are starting to see less of the common sandpiper and wheatear. We did see a young Cuckoo which was an unexpected treat. They will be heading back to Africa now, a wee bit warmer I think. This is the quieter time for small birds as they are resting from a busy spring and molting which makes them vulnerable.

Lots of Herons around now nesting is done, also Eider ducks with babies and the males are looking very different with their breeding plumage gone.

Common seals have their babies, we did witness one being born. We can hear them calling, such a haunting song.

This year’s fledglings are still around with varying ages. Two young Greater spotted Woodpeckers on the nut feeder. So many sparrows and chaffinch. And a tree creeper today. We have Blue tits, Great tits, Dunnock, green finch, Robin, Goldfinch, Siskin and Red poll visiting the feeders. Blackbird and song thrush, Common gull, Pheasants, and an occasional hooded crow mopping up the falling seed.

The evening entertainment is the Red deer hinds and quite young calves feeding in the field behind the house. The babies have jumping and running contests brilliant to watch. Barn owls and Tawny owls and Bats are around at dusk.

Mike and I are still busy, I am helping Mike with some gardening jobs and I am busy in the workshop making various crafts and paintings. 

I hope to offer silk painting classes later in the year. As its been a few years since I did them some kind friends let me practice on them yesterday. We had a great day and some lovely results.