End of March already

Well, the winter jobs are still ongoing. The list is getting smaller but time is running out. The self catering cottage has been spring cleaned and carpets also refreshed. walls painted and lots of polish. Our minibus has been replaced with a Vauxhall vivaro. The colour is a bit unusual as it shows brown or grey depending on the light.we love it, very roomy and big windows for great viewing. Lots of room in the boot as well. We have been out with a few tours over the last few weeks and lots to see. The Golden eagles are starting to sit n nests as are the White tailed sea eagles. Young sea eagles are gathering in their gangs now the parents are busy with nesting. A few summer birds coming back with Meadow pipit and wheatear as well as guillimot and razorbill. Still lots of great northern diver around and slavonian grebe. Both starting to come into their breeding plumage. Its bitter sweet when we loose our wintering birds but the sound of the skylark singing from high makes up for it. Otters have been around but fewer seen as they change their diet at this time of year to eat frogs in the hills. We have had some very close sights of them, always a joy to see. Speaking of frogs we are delighted to say the new pond mike built has frog spawn and a couple of newts. We are delighted. The weather has been very mixed but altogether drier than the last few winters. The red deer have been down low as well as the snow buntings. A real treat to see. So many highlights over the winter, lots of great wildlife. And no midges!! Our Self catering cottage is booked for the season and tour bookings coming in thick and fast. Winter is behind us and we look forward to welcoming our guests for the coming months.