Early morning run

A very early wander onto loch na keal this morning was worth getting up for. Three red deer at the side of the road and two fallow deer crossed in front of us before it was fully light. A woodcock flew up in front of us. As we approached the loch the sky was turning pink. And purple and blue. Big shower clouds and showers moving across the water. We headed towards Gribun spotting an otter on the way, he was going about his business rolling around on the seaweed. A rolling roadblock delayed us as you can see. As we looked around a white tailed eagle flew overhead, a silhouette in the pink glow of the sunrise. On the way back we saw the same otter again swimming and climbing onto the little islands to mark its territory. we watched for some time as he worked the shore line. red breasted merganser and slavonian grebe. Atlantic grey seal watching us, red wing and meadow pipits We spotted another otter on a rock as we headed back and two white tailed eagles on the shore. Two lovely male goosanders and ravens floating above. Great start to our day.