Busy week

We are busy decorating the cottages so they are ready for the new season, Lots to get ready for the new season now we are home,

We did manage a tour on Wednesday, and a good one it was dispite the weather doing its best, Eagles in the morning both Golden and white tailed sea eagles. Enjoying the dry weather and the stiff breeze.

The rain started so we headed for the loch to look for otters, we saw one then another, both fishing seperatly eventually coming together and rolling about on the seaweed. Our next otter was a little further on across the bay. number 4 and 5 were on Loch na Keal, mum and cub very busy hunting in a pool. we waited as we know they sometimes move up the river to head for their halt. they did, we had a great time watching them working their way upstream. Last otter was out on the islands running over the rocks.

We didnt see many little birds today, I think they were keeping out of the weather. The light was gorgeous with the sea changing colour constantly. worth wrpping up for.