Autumn and Winter wildlife tours.

There are less tours now as the main season comes to an end. Our tours will still be running throughout the autumn and winter months. Autumn and winter can be very good for wildlife as the eagles are feeding in less daylight hours and no leaves on trees or bracken and grasses to hide anything. Otters are closer as there is no disturbance on the shoreline. It gives a great opportunity to spend time watching them. Red deer are down from the mountains, especially at the moment as the rut is full on just now. huge stags strutting around and calling. Wintering birds are coming in at the moment. Wintering greylag, canada and barnacle geese. with the possibility of white fronted, pink foot¬† coming in with them. Whooper swans have just started to pass over. Teal, slavonian grebe and divers (loon). By the end of winter we will have good numbers of Great Northern diver. Red throated and black throated divers in smaller numbers. There is always a chance of dolphins and there are lots of common seals in the inland lochs. Barn owls, tawny owls seen at dusk. So much to see with shorter days comes longer nights and on a clear night millions of stars. possible northern ,lights.