August tours,

There have been some very special moments in the last couple of weeks. The tours have been covering some different places. Private tour tpLoch Buie, my usual routs around central mull and bot and bus to Croggan. Also a couple of North Mull runs. A very wet day at the beginning of the week so we decided to go to Carsaig. Good move as it was dry there and we ate lunch on the old pier in the company of common seals, golden and white tailed eagles, buzzards and not forgetting the very smelly feral goat. Great views of the mum and cub otters, spending lots of time with them as they worked their way along the shoreline and into the river. There are otters all over at the moment. the busy time has passed and we are seeing otters coming closer. Today we enjoyed watching a dog otter struggling to drag a big dogfish from the sea. He enjoyed that meal he must have been very full.        Lots of really good views of hen harrier floating across the fields.      Red deer  are now moving down from the hills giving us the chance to see them closer, although I love seeing the majestic stags against the skyline. The weather has been lovely over the last few days. feeling very Autumnal with a chill in the air. Most of our summer visitors are leaving. The wild ones that is.  There are still lots of swallows and martins around. The wheatear and common sandpiper now gone for the winter. Just starting to see waders coming into the shores. The leaves are starting to change colour. Not long until the deer rut. Mike and I enjoyed looking at the stars last night a clear sky at last. Lastly I must mention Spike the hedgehog who we rescued. He is doing really well. he has a new pen outside and is putting lots of weight on.  Jacqui