And still wet, 16th May

Our usual stop o look at the white tailed eagle nest. One on nest fussing its chicks. while we were there the other flew in and sat in tree. Great to see the huge wingspan. Common seals, dunlin on golf course, ringed plover, greylag and canada geese. Cuppa and the rain came down, lapwing and meadow pipits. moved to have cuppa further back and snipe flew up. Very wet so we decided to take a steady run to hills. We stopped to look at white tailed eagle flying over hill. Lunch, no otter here so we headed further round the bay. On the way back we watched a lovely dog otter swimming near the seaweed. As we watched as he fished and came out onto the shore. had a sleep then woke up, fished and came back on shore on top of a rock. rolling around in the seaweed. brilliant. We could see the weather clearing, the sun came out and changed the day. heading to look for golden eagles in the hills. lots of red deer but no eagles, lots of red deer. Until our cuppa stop that is. white tailed eagle , golden eagles across the mountain side being chased by a male hen harrier. perfect. Last stop, brief white tailed eagle and another golden eagle. good place to finish our busy day.