A rock and roll day, Thursday 14th June

We did need rain but wow, when it came it really did pour and blow. The promise of dry weather on the way encouraged us as we set in warm coats and waterproofs. as the rain eased a white tailed eagle flew low across the hillside. All quiet then so we headed for the hills and the bright clouds. The clouds lifted and the male hen harrier came out and flew across the ground. so lovely and a great treat to see. No golden eagles while we were there and the rain started again, we did see a distant red deer but decided to head off for shelter and lunch. On the way to our lunch stop and at least three more different male hen harriers. one being attacked by gulls. No otters at our lunch stop today but the sea was very rough so they would be very hard to see. On the way around the loch we saw an otter fishing just off shore. a very heavy shower and we still watched dripping. White tailed eagle on the nest, we didnt see the chick today but the adult flew. A bit of a surprise as we rounded a corner, the road was blocked with rocks, there had been a rockfall with the heavy rain. we couldnt pass so all of us jumped out of the bus and moved them. with one eye on the hill just in case. Thank you team for a very swift rock moving exercise.  Time was getting on and the day was much improved. still hard to keep the coffee from blowing away. seals on the rocks and swimming, black guillemot and gorgeous scenery. Our very last stop. We saw eider ducks and ducklings and a brilliant spot from one of my guests of an otter fishing. we watched for a while then another appeared and came out on the rocks with a crab. a shame as it went behind the rock to eat it. A lovely end to a blustery day. Jacqui