A dolphin day

We watched the forecast all week hopeing to get out on our wee boat Sunday, It was perfect.

We set off early with all we needed to stay out a while, The sea was so blue as was the sky and very calm. Coming out of the harbour we were watching common seals lying around and doing their bananna thing. 

We headed out towards the Cairns of Coll and came across two common dolphin, they came close but were too busy feeding to stay. An occasional Atlantic grey seal watched us with curiosity. There were lots of little fish coming to the surface and as we looked into the water we could see it was full of tiny jellyfish, comb jellies and Lions mane jellyfish. 

Less birds around at this time of year but lots of Gannets diving, one so close we heard the woosh of it diving in and the huge splash as it hit the water. Still a few manx sheerwater scimming the surface of the sea, male Guillimots with young, kittywake and common gull. 

We got as far as two thirds of the way to coll and three Bottle nosed dolphins came by. again busy feeding. we watched them for a while then decided to head of to the Ardnurmurchan side. On the way we saw splashing and there was a big group of Dolphins jumping out of the water. Guess where we went. A small group came past us then the others were suddenly all around us, incredible. One jumped right next to me it was above my head hight. what an experience. the link below is the video I took of them.


While Mike caught our tea I watched for wildlife and saw a white tailed eagle being mobbed by ravens and an otter fishing near us. 

Happy and fish for tea we headed home, it was a day to remember.