4th April boot and bus

Our first tour of April and the start of the main season. A Tobermory pickup with buzzards and hooded crows on the way to our first stop in Aros bay. Goosander, red breasted merganser, common gull, red shank and common guillemot and widgeon. common seals, a good start to our day. We continued with White tailed eagles on their nests,Red deer and a brief hen harrier. Our walk took us past a sand martin nest site. Lovely to see them busy starting to prepare for the new year. We also saw shell duck,curlew,greylag and canada geese. Heading to the hills for lunch and a golden eagle appeared over the hill, then a white tailed joined it. Really good to see the two together. Stone chat, wheatear and skylarks as we turned for home. Otters have been elusive for a couple of weeks. We think they have been eating frogs in the hills, an easy meal. We looked at all the favorite spots but nothing. Then a shout from the back. Otter seen close in to shore. Everyone got a look before we had to move with a car coming. Almost back and the next to last stop. otter on the islands, great view we watched it rolling around. lovely. Just as we turned to get back in the bus a white tailed eagle flew very low. fantastic.showing its white tail and huge wingspan. Last stop, golden eagle on a nest. hard to see as it was windy. still a good and to our day.